How Do You Determine a Job Title?

I often get asked, “What do I call this job?”  This is often a challenge when creating a completely new function within a company or when changing responsibilities within existing jobs.  Sometimes historical trends tend to influence a job title.  However, with organizations changing to meet evolving market demands, jobs also transform along with these conditions.

Your company could be expanding its product lines, implementing new services to clients, buying a competitor or changing its business strategies.  No matter what the situation may be, there will be some impact on jobs within the company.

My rule of thumb, is to begin with creating a job description or profile outlining all of the key responsibilities and accountabilities that are required in the job.  Prioritize these elements into categories reflecting the projected amount of time that will be spent performing each key function.  Once this is done, then ask yourself, “what job title best describes this function?”  Chose a job title that fits with the majority of time spent on the key functions and keep the job title to three words or less.  Sometimes, researching the internet helps create a job title, but do use creativity to make it specific to your company or organization.

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  • 25 Feb, 2016
  • Pat

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